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Psychic Readings

Shira is a Gifted Psychic. She uses tarot cards and numerology when predicting the future. Shira can tell you about events that will take place in the future. She is able to answer questions and offer guidance regarding relationships, careers, residential changes, or other concerns. Her accuracy is uncanny. Many people say that her readings are uplifting, informative and fun!

Psychic Medium

Shira, a Gifted Psychic Medium, is able talk to loved ones on the other side, including pets. Shira is able to bring messages from loved ones who have passed on back to the earth plane. This can be a great opportunity for healing and closure with those who have passed in your life. Non-believers and Skeptics are always welcome.

During an in-person mediumship session with Shira, your loved ones on the other side can see their family member through Shira’s eyes. 

Pet Communication

Imagine the relationship you could have with your furry friend if you knew just what he/she was thinking. Shira is able to talk to pets – both living and deceased. Shira has been known to help people understand their pet and has also helped many with behavioral problems. After the session, many people say that they feel closer to their pets.

Shira is a guest speaker for two kennel clubs; The Long Shore Southport Kennel Club in Norwalk, CT and The Progressive Toy Group in New York City. She has been featured at Petco, Doggy Day Care and has done events sponsored by The New Jersey Herald.  Pets love to talk to Shira!  The New York Times did an article on Shira’s Pet Communication Skills. Shira is a featured lecturer at several Libraries in Rockland County, NY. Shira has also been able to locate many lost pets and reunite them with their families.


  • 1/2 Hour – $125
  • 45 Minutes – $190
  • 1 Hour – $250


  • Private Sessions in person, by phone or via Skype
  • Groups and Events
  • Charitable Pet and Animal Events
  • Psychic Medium Programs and Events
  • To Book your session please use convenient link or call Shira directly at 845-623-0880
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