About Shira


Shira is an internationally sought out Psychic Reader, Psychic Medium, and Pet Communicator who currently resides in Nyack, New York. She has been reading professionally for more than 25 years and is fully fluent in Tarot Cards and Numerology. Can’t visit her in person? She is also available on Skype.

Shira is highly gifted and spiritual intuitive who will reveal many things that can transform your life. Many of her clients describe the experience as insightful, uplifting, extremely powerful, and accurate as well as entertaining.

As a Psychic Intuitive, Shira is able to guide you in your next steps and prepare you for what’s to come. She will give you insight and information that is geared towards your greatest good for the answers to the questions that you seek.  If you would like to have a session, please use this convenient link

As a Psychic Medium, Shira is able to talk to loved ones who have passed on. During personal face-to-face sessions, loved ones who have crossed over will be able to see you through Shira’s eyes. This has allowed for healing to take place and closure to occur.  If you would like to talk to loved ones who have passed, please schedule your session here.


As a Pet Communicator, Shira is able to talk to pets both living and those who have passed. She has been featured in the New York Times and on Newsweek.com for her pet communication skills. Most recently, she was featured on Celebrity Catwalk. Click here to see her on Celebrity Catwalk.  If you would like to know what your furry family member would like to tell you, please schedule an appointment.

According to one of Shira’s clients, “I was offered a bereavement class after my pet recently passed, but I didn’t want to talk about my pet, I wanted to talk to my pet and Shira made that happen.” Shira is also able to communicate with your pet and can tell your pet what you would like to tell him or her as well. Shira can help with behavior issues with pets and is able to intuit information regarding your pet’s health and has been known to locate lost and missing pets. Shira is available for many charitable pet and animal events.

Non-believers and skeptics are welcome. People have said that a session with Shira has changed their lives.