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  Psychic will showcase abilities at Pet Expo

Shira Plotzker can tell you a lot about your pet, from its favorite food, color and television show to how it likes to be scratched or groomed. And more often than not, owners say she's right on the money.

"I keep on waiting for somebody to say that I'm full of it," said Plotzker, a pet communicator and psychic known by just her first name through her Nyack, N.Y., business, Shira's Place. "It's too bizarre not to be true."
Shira will bring her entertaining gift to Sussex County this weekend, appearing Saturday at the Northern New Jersey Pet Expo at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta. Local pet owners are welcome to visit her on site between 2-3 p.m.

"The animal will tell me whatever they want to say. Some of them have more to say than others," said Shira, noting that dogs are usually more chatty than cats, and she also has passed on messages from more exotic animals, including snakes, lizards and horses, such as one New York City carriage horse that had stopped eating, leaving its owner concerned.
"I told him, 'Your horse says he has a toothache on the lower left side and he'd like to see a dentist, please,' " she laughed. "They have very different characters and personalities."

Shira, who has served as a tarot reader and psychic for more than 20 years and a pet communicator since 2004, appears at large animal events like this weekend's expo a few times a year, and does group readings for around 60 pet owners at her local library twice a month.

However, despite first discovering her gift while watching pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick on her Animal Planet show -- "The dog that started to talk to her, started to talk to me," Shira explained -- she doesn't have any aspirations for that level of fame or notoriety. She donates her services free of charge to owners with sick or lost pets and collects donations for rescue shelters during her large-scale appearances.

"If I could be sitting here, doing this all day, that would be lovely for me," Shira said about her sometimes lengthy chats with animals.
Ironically, the pet communicator keeps her distance during most conversations due to allergies, an issue she sees as helpful since it prevents her from getting too personally involved with the animals.

"I think it really sets appropriate limits," she said. "Otherwise, I'd go up and hug (them). And if I had a pet now, I would never leave the house."
Shira said she can communicate with pets in person, as well as with both living and dead animals through photographs, objects or names. She particularly enjoys giving closure to owners of deceased pets or providing quirky details about a pet's thought process, but also has been able to help animals with behavioral problems, such as a dog who repeatedly tried to escape its yard, and a cat who refused to use its litter box.

"I just think it's a lovely way of meeting people that I would not normally meet," Shira said about events like Saturday's Pet Expo. "You get to a place where a person walks away and it makes such a difference in their life with their pets. That's an amazing blessing."

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